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Hi my name is jonnyhicks and I am the CEO of Leeroy Inc. I would like to invite any new players to Eve Online the chance to join our corporation.

We have Discord set up for voice comms, which although not mandatory, it will be strongly encouraged for certain ops and to promote the social aspect of the corp.

We also have FREE ammo and modules for you to use. We have a very good library of BPOs that you can copy for selling, invention or manufacturing from. Go to the form at the bottom of the page and apply to join .


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  • Mission running
  • Exploration
  • Mining
  • Trading
  • Industrial mass production
  • Low sec raiding
  • Wormhole exploration
  • PVP small gang roams and big fleets in lowsec, nulsec and WH space 


*None of the above events are mandatory and we do not have any 'minimum activity' requirements.

Citadale is now open for business - Nov 2016

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Hints & Tips
Damaged ship? If you have any damage to your ship, drones or modules, then never pay for repairs in station. Just undock and fly to a citadel. Dont dock, just sit there and after a few seconds it will start to rep and cap you up.

If you need a bit of help with a mission then try this site:
http://eve-survival.org/wikka.php?wakka= MissionReports http://eve-survival.org/wikka.php?wakka 
Its got info on what you can expect to be fighting, what to protect yourself with and what ammo type is best to use.

My idea is to rotate on a monthly cycle focussing on a different aspect of EVE each month.The enjoyment will come from variety and possibly starting the month not knowing what to do, but by the end of the month feeling like we have actually achieved something. So, it could be mining. Which could seem like a boring month for some people until we run ninja mining fleets into nul sec or go and raid some WH for their gas sites.

It could be missions, where we blitz level 4s or see how far we can get running 4s in frigate fleets.It could be PVP, where the corp provides fully fitted ships for low sec skirmish roams or assisting hisec corps with their war decs There are other aspects, such as exploration, manufacturing, trading, storylines. We could get interupted by a war dec, but in the past I have been in corps that have docked up and sat them out, but im all for embracing the additional content. So, we lose a load of low-cost ships, so what.

If you want to be part of this then I welcome you to submit your ideas or suggestions, email me or use the form at the foor of the page.

This can be as fun or boring as we like. It is after all just a game.

Members Area Headline

  1. We are based in Halle VII, which is in the EVERYSHORE region. You dont have to move there, but it will be useful if you need help or want to join in with some of the fleets.
  2. We use Discord for voice comms and 'out of game' chat - Discord can be downloaded free at https://discordapp.com/ - Click for the LEEROY invite link http://discord.gg/TZzyFpG
  3. If you want to get involved in the spectre fleet PVP then you will need to register on their website at www.spectrefleet.com and then you will need to install and set up their voice comms.
  4. Mumble can be downloaded free at http://www.mumble.com/mumble-download.php and set up the channel using voice.spectrefleet.com and 64738 using your eve character name. (3b) Join the ingame chat channels SPECTREFLEET, XUP1 and XUP2.
  5. Chat with the other members in corp chat, join in with as much as possible, ask questions, take advice, offer help to other new members as you become more experienced and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Calling all Manufacturers and Industrialists! If you want to do some inventing or manufacturing then you may be interested to know the corp has a very nice library of BPOs for almost everything right up to battlecruisers. So you can invent T2 ships, copy ammo BPOs to make your own ammo or just copy stuff to sell. Contact jonnyhicks for more info. Our indy station is in Halle VII


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Recruiting Contacts

jonnyhicks, Dieacon, Benhicks

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Halle Federal Administration Bureau Building
Gallente Military Station)
Founded: 29/06/2014
Tax Rate: 5%

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(Leeroy Inc) - CIitadel - Astrohus

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